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Maine Hiker's Journal

Welcome to the Maine Hiker's Journal.

My name is Bob Levasseur (MaineHiker@mindfirepress.com).

In each chapter of the journal, we will explore a beautiful place somewhere in my beloved state of Maine, one of the other great New England states, or wherever in this wonderful world my newly embarked upon journey as a hiker leads me. I invite you to come along with me on the trail as I progress from a novice hiker in 2013 to whatever level of hiking prowess lies in store for me. In addition to my reflections on the location, the trail, my hike, and anything else that seems relevant and likely to be of interest to you, I share some photos of these special places to make the experience more real and enjoyable. The one at the bottom of this page of Mount Katahdin, for example, I took on my first visit to Baxter State Park in May 2013.

So what are we waiting for? Let's go for a hike.


Season 1 (2013)

Chapter 1: A Maine Youth

Chapter 2: Discovering Agamenticus

Chapter 3: A Walk in the Park

Chapter 4: The Appalachian Trail

Chapter 5: An Acadian Adventure

Chapter 6: A Pleasant Mountain Hike 

Chapter 7: A Rangeley Adventure 

Chapter 8: A Hiking Guru

Season 2 (2014)

Chapter 9: The Real Florida 

Chapter 10: Acadian Adventure #2 

Chapter 11: Rachel Carson Trail 

Chapter 12: Katahdin Stream Falls 

Chapter 13: Hedgehog Mountain 

Chapter 14: A Presidential View 

Season 3 (2015)

Chapter 15: Mount Roberts 

Chapter 16: Moose Everywhere! 

Chapter 17: Peary Mountain

Chapter 18: An Acadian Classic Revisited

Hiking (2016 On) 

I began my hiking adventure in 2013 with the goal of eventually summiting Mount Katahdin via the Hunt trail, the last leg for Appalachian Trail through hikers, and as many of the 4000 footers in nearby New Hampshire as I could. By the end of the 2015 season I knew that I did not have the physical ability to achieve my goals and switched to local hikes in the woods of southern Maine.

In 2018, I had some serious medical issues that dramatically limited my ability to hike, bringing an end to any lingering thoughts of reaching the top of Mount Katahdin or any other serious mountain. From time to time, I look back on my three seasons of regular hiking (2013-2015) and give thanks that I had the opportunity to spend so much quality time in the Maine woods in such a pleasant and rewarding way.

The adventure over, today I try to walk as often as I can on the beautiful beaches of southern Maine and hike my old friend, Mt. Agamenticus, several times each summer. I still like to walk in the woods in places where the hills aren’t so challenging, and I hope someday to hike some of the trails with smaller hills in the UK and Europe, which I am confident I can do.

Happy trails!

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